Red Cross: Satakunta, Finland

Sustaining social good through KAIZEN™

A breakthrough partnership with Red Cross’s Satakunta Chapter

The event took place with the Satakunta Chapter of Red Cross in Pori, Finland throughout March-April 2023. It was led by Kimmo Järvinen, KAFCIA Volunteer from Kaizen Institute Ltd., and introduced to the group by Paula Ilen, Head of Satakunta Red Cross.

The aim was to apply KAIZEN™ principles that would improve the efficiency of Satakunta Red Cross’s operations, thereby increasing their reach and impact.

The Satakunta Chapter of Red Cross in Finland had been doing incredible work, but like many organizations in the humanitarian sector, they faced challenges of streamlining their operations for optimal results. The group was looking for ways to implement efficient strategies without compromising their core values and mission.

Event Plan and Execution

The event was structured in phases incorporating various methodologies.

Understanding Processes and Identifying Pain Points

The first step included a comprehensive presentation about KAIZEN™ in the context of processes and focused on examining Red Cross’s existing operations to identify areas for improvement.

Introduction to Daily KAIZEN™

This phase put the spotlight on Red Cross’s main operational stages: recruit, train, and allocate. Recognizing the need for enhanced synergies, the team chose to adopt a process-centric methodology.

Customized Management System

This system was made to specifically address Red Cross’s operational needs. It consists of performance management and continuous improvement. These elements were customized to support Red Cross’s roles, KPIs, and activities with Daily KAIZEN™.


Paula Ilen

“This partnership exceeded our expectations. The methodologies implemented have empowered our team and fortified our operations, making it a win-win for everyone involved.”

Head | Satakunta Red Cross

Event summary

The event was a resounding success, with measurable outcomes that speak volumes. All components of the customized management system allowed Red Cross to operate more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. Improved efficiency and increased capabilities led to a better allocation of resources. The collaboration with Red Cross’s staff was easy-going, leading to shared learning experiences that the team will take forward.

The implementation of the KAIZEN™ methodology resulted in operational efficiencies that have tangibly increased Red Cross’s capacity to assist more people. This extends beyond mere numbers to impacting the quality and effectiveness of the aid delivered and fulfilling the organization’s primary objective in a more substantial way.

Future collaborations

The result of this collaboration proves the adaptability and efficacy of KAIZEN™ principles. Looking ahead, this opens opportunities for future events that could have equally powerful impacts for organizations in any sector.

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